We hope these frequently-asked questions, and their answers, will help to answer any questions you may have as well. As we receive more questions, we’ll share the answers, so check back often! As always, you can e-mail your questions to info@rapidcourse.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Questions & Answers

What formats are your courses available in?

Rapid Course, the e-Learning industry’s first customizable off-the-shelf content marketplace, is built in the award-winning Articulate® suite of tools.

When making a purchase, you can specify in which version of the software you would like to receive your source files: Storyline 3/Storyline 360, or our Micro Courses in Rise 360. Please email us at info@rapidcourse.com if you are looking for courses in any previous Articulate versions.

If I am interested in buying a specific course, can I preview it first?

Yes, absolutely!  We do allow you to preview the course before it is purchased.

Simply use the form on the right, or e-mail us at info@rapidcourse.com with information about the course or courses you’d like to review.  From there, we’ll pull the respective link(s) and send them asap for you to review the full course.

I've selected the courses I'd like to purchase. How do I get the source files?

We’re so glad you’ve found a course or several that meet your needs!

From here, making a purchase is as easy as sending us an email.  For more information, please visit our Ready to Buy page.

Please note that all purchases require that you’ve read and agree to the Rapid Course Course License Agreement.

When I purchase the course, am I able to use it as many times as I'd like, and for as many users as I'd like, within my organization?

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of Rapid Course: you purchase the course once and then own that course to use within your organization for as many users as you need…each Rapid Course purchase is one flat fee with no additional per learner or per seat charges…ever.

The only thing to keep in mind is that we do not allow for the resale of the courses…please see our Course License Agreement for more information on appropriate usage of Rapid Course purchases.

Where can I preview the Course License Agreement?

Please click here to view our Course License Agreement. Please note that all purchases are subject to the Course License Agreement upon purchase.

I am interested in purchasing multiple courses from your library. Do you offer any bundle pricing?

We would be happy to talk with you about your course needs and find a solution that works for you and your budget. Please send us an email at sales@rapidcourse.com and we’ll get right back to you.

Do you provide the narrator for the course in case I need to make audio updates to the course?

Yes, we absolutely provide you with the name of the course narrator, as well as a link to the process for having it updated in case you want to make any customizations to the recorded voice-over narration. After purchasing the course, you will find this information on the first slide of the course’s source files.

We also provide you with the information you need to order customized videos, player templates, and more.

I made some customizations to the course and now I need to publish it for use on our Learning Management System (LMS). Can you help me with instructions on doing that?

Publishing your course is as easy as clicking the Publish button in the Articulate tool.  From there, you can select the deployment method for the course (such as Web, LMS, or Articulate Online), complete the required fields (such as course name, completion status, and mastery score), and then click the Publish button.

Please click here for detailed instructions on publishing and sharing the Articulate course.

I would like to add a different resource attachment to the course. Is that possible?

Yes, you can certainly swap out the resource attachments, or remove them altogether…we want you to make the course your own, to fit your specific needs.

Please click here for detailed information about using the Resources option on the Articulate course’s player.

How often do your courses get updated on current trends? If a course is updated, would we get notified and be able to download the update for free? Or would there be an update fee?

It depends on the topic. For example, the universal courses we offer surrounding email, voicemail, and the like do not typically require updates (since we do not cite specific policies, laws, or regulations). However, for our regulatory, compliance, or dated material, yes, we do a periodic review to make sure we are keeping the content current. Any updates to content that come out of that review would be sent to you free of charge…updates to content are always free.

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