The Impact of Micro-Messages (Micro Course Series)


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The way we communicate impacts not just on those we work with but the entire business environment. This series of 2 micro courses (built in Articulate Rise 360) focuses on micro-messages, words and actions that may seem insignificant but actually have a profound effect.

Awareness is created by examining scenarios which demonstrate how hurt and confusion may be caused by seemingly innocent words or actions. The difference between intent and impact is clearly illustrated. Finally, learners are guided through a series of exercises that contrast behaviors which cause others to feel either included or excluded. The learner is helped to realize the benefits of considering how our actions and words may be interpreted by others.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this series, you will be able to:

  • Define micro-messages
  • Identify examples of micro-messages
  • Recognize your own experiences
  • List the business impacts

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Articulate Rise 360

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2 Micro Courses


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