Leading by Motivating Others


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You’ve probably heard the phrase “money talks,” but did you know that according to workplace surveys, money isn’t the leading factor that encourages people to be highly productive?

As a manager, this valuable piece of information tells you that what happens at work on a daily basis, from employee interactions to communication to putting every job in context, will influence how productive your workforce is. This course will teach you how to motivate your employees and therefore improve efficiency and productivity.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify common signs of de-motivation.
  • Recognize and improve the under-lying causes relating in employees becoming de-motivated.
  • Take the necessary steps to evaluate issues involving individuals, teams, and the environment.
  • And lastly, you will be able to implement personal leadership behaviors that will promote motivation in your employees.

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Storyline 360, Storyline 3

Course Features

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Professional Voice-Over Narration


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