Coaching Skills (Micro Course Series)



As a manager, you wear two hats that can be difficult to manage effectively. On the one hand, as the boss, you have to evaluate your employees and make decisions regarding promotions, demotions, salary actions, and terminations. You are also a coach and this role requires you to be an advocate for your employees’ success. Employees may be reluctant to be frank and discuss weaknesses or mistakes with a person who has such power over their futures.

While there is no perfect solution to this dilemma, this series of 4 micro courses (built in Articulate Rise 360) will help you to understand the problem and will provide you with a strategy to effectively balance these two inherently conflicting roles.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this series of courses, you will be able to:
  • Apply the four-step coaching process
  • Separate performance reviews from developmental coaching
  • Demonstrate how to listen effectively wth empathy
  • Recognize how to discuss performance issues that will impact an employee’s ability to achieve his/her goals

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