Addressing Performance Problems (Micro Course Series)



It’s always difficult to work on a team when it doesn’t seem that a member is pulling his or her weight, but in some cases results can be disastrous. Addressing performance problems can often be difficult, but necessary.

Any team needs all its members performing at their best, regardless of whether they operate on a race track or in an office. Failing to correct poor performance can result in consequences that not only have an effect on the employee who is under-performing, but can also disrupt the morale and output of your team and, depending upon the employee’s role, can even have disastrous consequences for the company as a whole.

This series of 3 micro courses (all built in Articulate Rise 360) are awareness-level courses designed for those working on a team and how to correct poor performance before the team morale decreases and the project is affected negatively.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this series, you will be able to:
  • Define the difference between poor performance and misconduct
  • Explain techniques for addressing poor performance with an employee
  • Describe the SMART system for developing employee goals
  • Recognize ways to prevent performance issues with your employees in the future

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Articulate Rise 360

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