Over the past two months, we have asked for your input about the topics you were most interested to have in your training library. The results are in, the data analyzed, and here are the results!
The most popular topic you want to see offered on Rapid Course is Management, with Teamwork and Communication Skills rounding out the top three. From there, other topics of interest are Personal Development, Project Management, and Customer Service Skills.  Take a look at how the rest of the categories ranked:
Training Library Results
The great news is that many of these topics are currently included in the Rapid Course library. More are being added each week, so make sure to check the Rapid Course site offerings often.
Remember, we are here to help you build your training library. If you haven’t had a voice in our survey, don’t worry, you can still do so. Please visit https://rapidcourse.com/building-your-training-library/ to select your interest today.
If you have already participated, thank you!  We love hearing from you and look forward to seeing you online soon!