Developed by Yukon and launched at DevLearn in Las Vagas last November, Rapid Course is an e-learning service which allows e-learning developers to view an online library of courses and when ready, “Buy the Course and Get the Source.”

All the Rapid Course programmes can be used for an unlimited number of learners for an unlimited amount of time. There are no ‘per seat’ or annual fees.

“What makes Rapid Course unique is that, when you buy a course, you download not only the published course files but also the Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage source files used to build the course,” explained Omniplex’s Managing Director, Matthew Lloyd. “Not only do you only ever pay once for the course regardless of how many learners use it but, since developers get all the source files, they can customise the course to meet their learners’ unique needs.”

Courses are currently available for topics including sales, communication, negotiation skills, personal development, and coaching. Brooke Schepker, Senior VP with Yukon Learning, commented: “The universal nature of the courses we build for Rapid Course allows our customers to leverage their investment over a larger audience – and, with no ‘per learner’ fees, we help our customers protect their investment.”

Over the next year, Yukon plans to introduce at least 100 new Rapid Course courses including content provided by content partners in areas such as project management, safety, finance, compliance, teamwork, customer service skills and managed care.

“In addition, the recent launch of Articulate’s Storyline product enables developers to choose the Storyline format for their course files and then use Rapid Course to access a new series of scenario-based learning courses built using the power of Storyline,” said Lloyd.

“This is all part of Omniplex’s pledge to continue to provide our customers with the very best in e-learning products,” he added.

Omniplex announced a record year in 2010/11 with a 38 per cent rise in turnover (following a 35 per cent rise in turnover in 2009/10). It provides e-learning solutions including learning management systems (LMS), authoring tools and services, along with solutions for learning re-enforcement, such as the Articulate rapid authoring tools; the Absorb LMS; Cameo, a web-based tool which uses ‘push technology’ to provide automated, scheduled, learning re-enforcement via email, and Bloomfire, a contemporary social media tool which provides a way to share knowledge within an organisation or group.