A Little History…

A common dilemma in most training departments is how to deliver custom content in budget and on time.

On one hand, you have custom content…when done right, this takes time and resources you probably don’t have and typically runs over schedule.  On the other hand, you have off-the-shelf content…this option is great, but can be expensive and too generic for your specific needs.

Having worked as training directors, managers, and developers in both corporate and government organizations, we also faced this dilemma for years.  Like most of us, we wanted to the best of both worlds: off-the-shelf AND custom.

It didn’t exist on the marketplace, so we built it…enter Rapid Course™!

To get Rapid Course™ ready for launch, our team spent a lot of time developing a set of instructionally-sound templates on which the courses are built. At the same time, our instructional designers partnered with content experts across the globe to gather and solidify the course offerings.

We continually have our ear to the ground, listening to our customers’ needs for content and adding those to our ever-expanding library of courses.  And, because we’ve built the courses to be easily customized, changes dictated by new tool capabilities or new regulations are a snap.

Don’t see a course that fits your specific needs?  Not to worry…our Yukon Learning custom development team can build it for you.

Want to learn more about us and Rapid Course™? Send us a note and we’ll get right back to you.

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