ANNOUNCEMENT: Yukon Learning Sunsets Rapid Course

Introducing New Micro Courses!

Introducing our new bite-sized learning modules built using the power of Articulate Rise 360. Each series comes chunked down into multiple courses for ease of learning and retention. And just like our regular courses, you get the actual source files so you can customize them for your organization’s needs!

Buy the Course, Get the Source

What makes Rapid Course™ unique is that when you buy a course, the download includes the Articulate® source files that we as developers used to build the course. Yep, you read that right…the actual source files, so you can quickly customize the course for your needs!

Build Your Library in Minutes

Rapid Course™ empowers you to quickly build your content library without the hassle of building it yourself, or having courses that you can’t customize to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Buy Once, Own Forever

Gone are the days when you paid annually for courses based on the number of learners using them, or purchased bundles with courses you don’t need. With Rapid Course™, you pay one flat fee for each course’s source files…all with no additional per learner or licensing fees…ever!

Buy the Course, Get the Source

Because the Articulate® source files are provided with every purchase, you can go from 0 to course in less than 5 minutes!

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

Rapid Course™ is built on the award-winning Articulate® software, so customizations are quick and easy! Do it yourself, or we can help.

Affordable Pricing Model

While we don’t think one size fits all, we do think pricing does! Rapid Course™ is budget-friendly with one low flat fee per course.


With industries consistently evolving, the ability to be able to customize an eLearning course directly from the source is so crucial. Yukon’s Rapid Courses have given my organization the ability to have permanent eLearning solutions that are effective and extremely easy to customize. Working with the Rapid Course staff went smoothly, and the files were ready for download instantly. When you work with Yukon’s team, it’s almost impossible to think about working with any other eLearning design company.

Evan Ingber

We love the modules we purchased and we try to let everyone know about how positive our experience was with Rapid Course.

Kerry Feather

As a training designer, I am highly critical of other people’s work, especially when it comes to online formats. All too often I encounter poorly crafted products that do not yield positive learning experiences. After taking several of Yukon’s classes, I am now a big fan! The content is robust, the navigation is intuitive and the material is presented with crisp graphics and clear sound. I look forward to introducing my clients to Yukon’s suite of courses.

Henry W. Cobb

My agency maintains rigid branding in publications and on the web. Yukon saved us the time & expense of developing needed training with excellent ready-made e-learning courses that were easily customizable. Using the same PowerPoint & Articulate software that I use every day, I was able to make simple adjustments to the color scheme, drop in our logo, and even make text edits requested by HR. We liked being able to substitute graphics and change quiz questions to tailor the training to our target audience. Ready within hours rather than weeks, the result was well-designed interactive e-learning that looks like it was created in-house.

Brent Raper

Yukon’s Rapid Course product has the potential to provide our company with the custom e-learning solution that we need to build a tailored library of courses within a tight budget. We’ve partnered with Yukon over the past two years to develop custom safety courses for our employees and the feedback has been extremely positive. We consistently hear that the courses are concise, professional and targeted to the safety challenges of the media industry. We look forward to continuing this partnership and using Rapid Course to expand our offerings.

Sally Hawthorne